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It’s finally time to make the move – the date has been confirmed, the new place has been found and everything seems to be going exactly as planned. Now it’s time to make sure that you won’t dive into the preparations for your move without a proper plan set in motion – so put down those boxes, at least for a moment. 

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Moving is an exciting project, you are starting the new chapter of your life – but getting to that chapter often seems too tedious to go through alone. Tight corners, narrow hallways and doorways are just some of the unique apartment moving obstacles that you need to overcome in order to have your move successfully completed

Add in some stairs to the equation and you are looking at a much more difficult move than you might’ve bargained for. This is why we are here, to help you find the best building movers near you and make your apartment move easy, and a pleasure for everyone involved.

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Preparing For Your Apartment Move

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Supplies And Packing 

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Boxes are a necessity of every move, local or long distance. They can also get pretty costly, so you need to get creative especially if you are on a budget

When Should You Start Packing? 

Packing Boxes

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Organized Packing

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What You Shouldn’t Pack

Restricted Items

Some things will not be taken by your building movers – and you should know not to pack them for the truck and take them with you or dispose of them before the move.

If you have any specific items you would like to ask your building movers near you about – then definitely go for it. You don’t want to be surprised on the moving day when you find out your movers will not move one or more items.

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Essentials Kit

What you shouldn’t pack before your move are also essentials that you will need as soon as you set foot in your new home. Your essentials kit should include: 

essentials kit for moving

The Importance Of Decluttering

Getting rid of your unwanted items has never been easier. This is the perfect time to go over everything you’ve come to accumulate over the years and get rid of anything you no longer wish to use or own. 

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Moving Into Your Apartment

There are some things you need to do regarding your new apartment before you make the trip. Don’t forget these vital aspects of your relocation as they can make or break the entire experience for you and everyone involved in the process.

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Before Your Building Movers Near You Arrive

You will have to make some preparations before your movers arrive. Doing as much as you can before the move will ease the entire process and make it a bit more enjoyable for everyone involved. If you want to speed up your apartment move and have it completed with ease, consider doing the following before your movers arrive: 

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