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15 Moving tips

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If you are planning your local move and you just don’t know where to start, we completely understand. Moving can be stressful and there are lots of things you need to think about at the same time. We prepared for you the ultimate moving list that will help you have a stress free relocation.

1. Write everything down

This is a situation when you shouldn’t rely on your memory. Make a list of what you need to do, what you need to buy. Have one notebook dedicated to your upcoming move and that is where you should write everything related to your local move.

2. Do your research when it comes to hiring a movers

It is not enough just to type on your Google ‘movers near me’ and book the first moving company on the list. You need to do your research. There are moving companies that are not licenced and they might look like they are. Lots of moving companies might seem like the right choice and after you start asking more questions you will see they are not. You should hire legit, reliable and experienced movers for your upcoming relocation.

3. Set your budget

We believe you had some budget in mind even before calling local movers, but after you made few calls you might see that they are more or less expensive than you expected. That is why you should set your final budget after the research is done. Try to be realistic when it gets to this. 

4. Hire a moving company in time

Don’t wait until one day before your move to hire your local movers, because you are risking that they don’t have any availability and you will have to settle with some shady movers since you won’t have any options. It is not early to book your movers even 5 months ahead if you know when your moving day. 

5. Pack as early as possible

Same as we said for scheduling your movers goes for packing. Packing is a very time-consuming task and you shouldn’t wait a few days before your move to start with packing. You will get into the panic mode once you realize you are too late and that there is no way you will finish everything before movers arrive. In case you don’t want to lose your time with packing, you can always schedule your local movers to perform packing assistance for you.

6. Donate, sell or throw away

Speaking of packing, you should get rid of everything that you don’t want or need. Don’t take with you a bunch of items that you don’t have where to place. You are starting a new, fresh chapter of your life and you shouldn’t take anything that doesn’t fit. So check one of the Goodwills, give your friends and family anything they might need or even throw a garage sale and sell whatever you don’t need anymore.

7. Label your boxes

Once you start packing, don’t forget to label the boxes. Not only you will save a lot of time when unpacking, but your move will be organized and in case you need to find something, that won’t be that hard. You can also add notes for your movers if something is fragile, to be handled with care.

8. Pack the essential bag

Don’t forget to pack the essential bag with the items you will need during your moving day and your first night at your new home. This way you will be more than prepared for anything that might happen. Make sure you have enough water, your charger should be there in case your battery dies etc. 

9. Set cleaning supplies aside

Before you leave your home, you should finish clean behind the movers because you don’t want to leave your old home messy for your landlord or new residents. 

10. Hire a babysitter/pet sitter

Moving sites can be very dangerous for little kids or your pets. That is why you should ask someone ahead of time to take care of your loved ones. Not only you won’t have to worry about their safety and safety of movers you hired, but you will have overall stress-free moving experience if you know your kids or pets are with someone you can trust. 

11. Find a parking spot/Get a parking permit

Client is responsible to get a parking spot for local movers, that is why you should think about this before your moving day. If you are living in a home, make sure your driveway is free for the moving truck to be parked. In case you are living in an apartment building, you should block the spot with your car or get a parking permit from the City Hall. 

12. Make a layout of your new home

If it’s possible, you should plan and organize a layout of your new home before your moving day. Not only will you save yourself of stress, but you will save time. Most of the local movers charge the hourly rates and you don’t want to pay for the movers arranging your furniture for hours. 

13. Arrange your utilities early

It is important to set up your utilities for tax, gas and home insurance early when moving in, make sure you prepare this ahead of time so you don’t have to stress out about that once you are moved into your home. 

14. One last walkthrough

Before you leave your home for good, don’t forget to do one last walkthrough to check if your movers loaded everything that you want them to. Check one more time drawers, dressers and cabinets to confirm you didn’t miss to pack something. 

15. Try to stick to the schedule 

We understand moving can get turbulent and you can easily start improvising, which is never good when it comes to your local move. You should make sure you are following your schedule as much as possible. That is why good planning and organizing is what makes moving smooth and stress-free.