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What happens when movers damage furniture?

In case you hired a licenced and insured moving company, which is the only type of moving company you should hire, your items are covered with the basic coverage insurance every moving company has. In case something very valuable was damaged, your local movers will try to find an even better solution. They might offer repair if possible or better compensation. Anyhow you should start the claim process with your local movers and start from there.

Can movers move alcohol?

Any liquids or anything flammable is better to move by yourself. Most of the local movers won’t move liquids because they might damage the rest of your belongings in case they spil.

Will movers move Ikea furniture?

Ikea furniture is usually very light and there is no reason why local movers can’t move it. The only thing with Ikea furniture is that once it gets disassembled, the quality is not the same when your movers reassemble it back and that is why most of the local moving companies will prefer to move the Ikea furniture in one piece.

Why tip movers?

If we can say what are two most common questions, that would be – Should I tip the movers and how much should I tip the movers. Both depend only on you. Moving companies are paying their employees, but it is always nice to give a tip to someone who did nice and physical work for you. How much to tip the movers is also up to you, so feel free to tip them as much as you want.

Where to find movers?

The easiest way is to find movers is to type on internet ‘movers near me’ and start your research. The more you call and the more questions you ask, the more chance you have to find the perfect movers for your upcoming move. Of course, if you have someone who moved recently, ask them for recommendations.

How movers and packers charge?

The way your local movers charge should be explained to you before you make a reservation. Some local moving companies charge flat rates and the rest charge the hourly rates. Most of the local moving companies charge hourly rates with a certain number of minimum hours.

What movers won’t move?

What local movers can and can’t move depends on their company’s policy. Usually there is a weight limit for every local moving company. Also, they will refuse to move anything that is not safe to be moved, such as flammable items, alcohol etc.

Movers who disassemble furniture?

Any professional movers will take care of disassembly, reassembly and protection of your furniture etc. This should be a part of standard service for any licenced and insured movers.

Movers who also pack?

This is also something that every professional local moving company will do for you, usually you just need to request packing service. Most of the local movers have trained and professional teams that can pack and move everything for you.

Are movers licenced?

This is something that is not mandatory, unfortunately. Some moving companies might have great reviews and they might be in the moving business for a long time, but without being licenced. That is why you should be extra careful when booking local movers.

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