Professional Movers Chicago was established in 2013 and was created to help clients with their local moves the best way possible. After long years in the moving industry from a simple mover and becoming manager our founder was ready to share the knowledge and experience gained in the moving industry and show clients that moving can be much more than a stressful experience. Our mission is to show that moving can be pleasant when you are in safe and professional hands. Founder of Professional Movers Chicago came to the USA to look for the job opportunities where he can contribute and help people. After a while, he realized that hard work and honesty are the best way to reach your dreams. Those values are the core of Professional Movers Chicago. It was not easy to succeed in the sea of local moving companies in Chicago, but with dedication and passion of our team we did it! After we got the opportunity to run our own business, we knew that it is time to change the moving industry. The best reward we can get is to see happiness on your face after we relocated your furniture to your new home. WIth Professional Movers Chicago you will feel safe throughout the whole moving and booking process. We are constantly working on our own development and we are looking for new ways to find the innovative solutions for your local move. That is why your feedback is very valuable, together we can make moving honorable business again. 

Professional Movers Chicago gained the trust of many satisfied customers and knows that you need to treat people the same way you want to be treated.

Why us

After long days, weeks and months of your search for your dream house, office or apartment to live in, the last thing you would like to deal with are rude, unlicensed, unprofessional or inexperienced movers. It is not easy to choose what moving help in Chicago to hire because there are lots of moving companies on the market. So what makes Professional Movers Chicago different and better than competition? Firstly, you will be greeted by our professional moving consultants from the first call you make to us. Our sales representatives are specifically trained to provide you the best customer service, answer all of your questions and offer necessary guidance for your local move. They will present you our affordable and budget friendly rates that are regulated by the rules of Chicago. Getting a quote is simple and free, you just need to let us know something more about your move in order for us to decide what is the best number of movers and packers for your furniture move. If you decide to book our moving services, that is also super easy and it can be done in only 10 minutes. You will be completely protected because we are a fully licenced and insured local moving company. Basic coverage insurance is part of our price in case something happens during your local relocation. Professional Movers Chicago are transparent when it comes to rates, so you won’t get surprised by any hidden fees. Time for your move starts when the actual move starts, there are no charges to get to your location or to go back. 

Our professional team of movers and packers will show up at your scheduled moving day with a fully equipped truck. All of our movers and packers are trained and experienced professionals that will make sure to perform your move efficiently and safely no matter what type of the local move you need. Since we are local movers, we know the area, so you won’t lose hours and hours trying to navigate the movers. Once we are at your location, we will provide you with the service you requested. Standard service is the most common one and includes service of disassembly and reassembly with our tools, wrapping up and padding your furniture with specialized moving blankets and plastic wrap. Wardrobe boxes are used to relocate your hanging clothes in the most efficient way, because you don’t have to pre pack anything. In case there are some heavy items, we don’t charge anything extra for handling them, we will have moving dollies in order to ensure their safety. Also, no additional fees for stairs or long carries.  

You deserve to have trusted and reliable local movers to help you with your upcoming relocation. Let our family move yours!