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Every move is different and everyone has unique needs when it comes to moving houses. Some moves will require more professional movers then others, some will need the full packing service while some people pack on their own, and some will require both moving and storage services. When it comes to in and out of storage services, Professional Movers Chicago are ready to help. Whether you’re moving items to/out of long-term or short-term storage, you can rely on us to ensure their safety and avoid potential damage.

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Sales representative dedicated to you

From booking to moving, and at all times in between, you will have a sales representative by your side to help with everything. Our friendly staff will make sure you are well prepared for your upcoming move and will be available 7 days a week in case you have any additional questions or concerns. Over that first phone call you make and after you answer a few questions, our relocation specialist will be able to provide you with useful information.

The number of professional movers necessary for your successful and efficient relocation

The size of the moving truck and if you need more than one

Help you check the working hours of your Chicago storage units to avoid unnecessary complications

Let you know everything you should be aware of when it comes to moving in and out of Chicago storage units

Provide a free moving quote

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Trained and professional local movers

Once you set everything with our sales team, our professional movers will arrive at your location right at the agreed time. We will provide disassembly and reassembly service using our tools. Plastic wrap will be used to carefully wrap and cushion your belongings. If you intend to keep your items in storage for a longer period of time, we always recommend getting additional protection, such as moving blankets. If you have anything particularly heavy, please let us know so we can bring moving dollies and the rest of the equipment required to safely relocate it.

Our capable movers are trained and have experience in this line of work. They will make sure all your belongings are protected and spare your back of any possible injuries by loading and unloading everything too. We can proudly say your things will be in safe hands.


Have additional questions about your upcoming move?

In order to get a more detailed description and the actual price estimate, you can contact us right now.

Licensed and insured moving company

We are a licensed moving and storage company which means we are legally allowed to move your things in and out of storage units Chicago provides. You can trust us with all of your belongings because we always deliver what we promised. To make sure your mind is in complete peace, moving insurance is included. Despite the fact that our team is professional, experienced, and trained, the possibility of mistakes still exists, and insurance is there to cover them.

No hidden fees

We, Professional Movers Chicago, start charging for our moving and storage services once the actual job starts. We don’t charge any fees to get to your location or to go back to our warehouse. There will be no fees for long carries, stairwells, or handling heavy items, but make sure to warn us if any of those will appear so we can come prepared. Rates for our full service storage relocation are budget friendly and without any hidden fees. Right from the start you’ll be aware of what exactly you are paying for and how much. We value honesty, and that is the only way we intend to run our business – by being open and honest with our customers.

Contact us today and we will help you organize your move.

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