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Moving from one house to another is not just one easy task. Residential moving consists of many smaller and bigger, simple and more complicated tasks that eventually lead to a, hopefully, successful relocation. Leave all those to our residential movers and a happy ending will be guaranteed. Why torture yourself with all timeline coordinations, planning every step of the way, and time-consuming and evergy-draining tasks, when all residential moving companies Chicago has, exists for this exact reason.

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Our residential movers don’t just exist for relocation, they are trained, capable, equipped with top-notch moving tools, and have many previous experiences in this line of work to use in case unexpected obstacles appear. Avoid all possible complications, spare yourself of all unnecessary stress, ensure your and safety of all your belongings, and have a guaranteedly successful move by hiring our residential movers.

Residential moving - Walkthrough

First part - Planning

After you tell us a little bit more about your specific needs, belongings you want to move, and size of the place, we will make sure you get the guidance you need for your upcoming relocation. Our relocation specialist will help you choose the most suitable moving date and right after that, according to all your requests, the perfect moving plan will be set up. From how many residential movers and moving trucks you’ll need, the right size of the truck, to the exact amount of service you want, the number and weight of belongings you’ll move and, of course, how everything will be executed. We will present you our competitive rates, and you will be aware of every cost prior to your move.

Second part - Packing

Our residential movers Chicago knows and loves will arrive right on time and that is when the charging will start too. There will be no additional charges for heavy items, long carries, or stairs, but please be upfront and let us know if any of these will occur. We want to arrive prepared with the necessary tools and equipment and provide the best service possible. To ensure the safety of your belongings our residential movers will bring just the high-quality supplies.

The disassembly of your large furniture will be handled first. After that, they will wrap up your furniture with plastic wrap and moving blankets so nothing can be damaged. Based on the level of service you chose, our trained house movers will help with packing too.

* Standard service - Belongings should be pre-packed

* Partial pack service - Residential movers will handle the kitchen and clothes

* Full pack service - Movers will tackle the packing part too

Standard service - Belongings should be pre-packed

Partial pack service - Residential movers will handle the kitchen and clothes

Full pack service - Movers will tackle the packing part too

Third part - Moving

When everything is prepared, it’s time to move. Our residential movers will, with utmost care, load all packed and protected belongings in carefully selected moving trucks. You don’t have to worry about safety. The size of your moving truck will be carefully selected based on the size of your move and everything will be additionally secured and fixed inside the truck. Not a thing will move or break.

After everything is at your new place, movers will unload your belongings the way you want it and put them where you would like. Disassembled furniture will be assembled again and when all the tasks are done, the charging time stops.


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We are upfront with our service and actually care

Professional Movers Chicago is one of the residential moving companies Chicago residents love the most. We earned our clients’ trust by always being honest and transparent, and the rates we offer are no exception. There will be no hidden fees on your moving day, or any other unpleasant surprises. We will do everything we can to provide you with the peaceful and smooth moving experience you deserve. Our moving company is licensed and we can provide you with the moving insurance, our residential movers are trained and experienced, and our equipment is of top quality. Leave everything to us, you won’t regret it.

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