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Packing, the longest, the most tiresome, and energy-draining part of the moving process. Does anyone actually enjoy it? Lucky for you, Professional Movers Chicago will gladly assist with this task. Instead of spending your weeks living surrounded with tons of boxes and piles of clothes, book your house packing services to take care of everything in just a day or two. Professionals will protect your belongings much better and finish everything much faster, and in the meantime, you can relax and spend time with friends and family.

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Friendly relocation specialists

From that first call you make while searching for packing services near you, up until the last item is wrapped and safely packed, you’ll have someone by your side. Our amazing team of sales experts will explain how house packing services work and guide you through the entire process. Customer service we provide is on the highest level and will be available 7 days a week. After we find out more about your place and the amount of belongings you plan to move, you’ll be presented with guaranteed rates. Getting a quote is free, so don't be afraid to ask for one.

Best movers for packing services near you

The main reason people are in need of packing services Chicago offers is time. Packing can prolong for quite a while when you do it yourself and for that reason we will make sure not to waste a second. Our professional movers will arrive at your doorstep at the previously agreed time and finish everything before you can even blink. Speed is not the only thing you get when booking house packing services. When you have experienced and trained movers your belongings will be safe and carefully handled with, and stressing yourself over possible damages won’t be necessary.

All your belongings will be padded and packed, and all valuable items will receive extra special care. After everything is done, regardless of how you proceed with the relocation, the possibility for error will be minimized. Our experienced movers know how to pack your things correctly and efficiently so whether you are driving by yourself or you have other movers helping you, you don’t have to worry about packed belongings.


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In order to get a more detailed description and the actual price estimate, you can contact us right now.

Transparent pricing

We can proudly offer you affordable rates and transparent pricing for all our services and the same goes for house packing services too. You won’t be unpleasantly surprised with unexpected costs or hidden fees because there won’t be any. The charging time will start when we arrive and stop when the work is done. There won’t be any fees for the time it took us to get to your place or back to our warehouse. You’ll know how much you’ll pay and for what type of service exactly, before the packing even starts.

Save money with our house packing services

The packing material we use is of top quality, but it is not included in our rate. We will bring smaller, bigger, wardrobe, glass packing boxes, and others, and you can choose if you want to buy them from us. On the other hand we will gladly use your boxes for packing too. You will save money on packing supplies and still get the luxury house packing services can provide you with. Whatever you feel more comfortable with, we will make it work.

Packing tips for moving

Here are a few of our favorite packing tips for moving your house in a more organized way.

Start packing room by room

Set up boxes as you need them

Pack essentials at the end

Leave packed boxes in bigger piles rather than randomly throwing them

Make sure to label your packed boxes

Make an inventory list while packing

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