In case you decide to book a full pack service with Professional Movers Chicago, your only task is to get your free moving quote, book a move and after that leave everything to us! Within 15 minutes on the line with our sales experts you can book the best movers in Chicago to take care of every phase of your move. Our sales consultants will make sure to explain everything in detail and to give you a piece of advice regarding your full pack service. Number of movers and packers will be determined with your help, we need you to tell us everything about your local moving and packing. After that, just pick the date and we will send you our team early in the morning to start with the move. Depending on your move size, we might have to split your packing and moving in two or more days in order to have a fresh and well-rested crew and to minimize the margins for the mistake. 

Our movers will arrive at your location with a truck that is fully stocked with all necessary equipment. First task is packing, we will pack all of your miscellaneous belongings into boxes and make sure they are labeled properly, so you can easily unpack. After that, our team will disassemble your belongings with our own tools and wrap up your furniture with moving blankets and plastic wrap. Your hanging clothes will be placed in wardrobe boxes due to time efficiency. Moving dollies will be used to safely handle anything that is excessively heavy. Once we get to your new home, our movers will reassemble your furniture back and they will make sure to place everything where it should be. 

Price we provide is affordable and there are no hidden fees. Even when it gets to packing, we don’t have a specific fee for packing, the only difference is that we will recommend more movers than for standard service in order to save you time. No hidden charges for stair carry, long hallways or heavy items. We are proud to say that we are honest and transparent when it comes to any task of your local move. Packing material is not included in our price and our sales representatives will offer you either to buy quality packing boxes for us or we can use yours, if you have them, we don’t mind. Packing boxes are charged per item used, so even if we bring 100 boxes and you use only one – we will charge just for that one. 

Moving insurance is a part of your full pack service throughout the process, so you can relax and feel safer about everything. Our crew is professional, experienced and trained, but there is still 1% chance that something might get damaged and it is good to know that we are keeping your back.