No matter if you need to move in or out of a storage unit, we can help you with both. First step is getting your free moving quote from our friendly staff that will make sure you are well prepared for your move after that phone call. After you let us know what you need to move, we will advise on the number of moves. Throughout the moving and booking process you will have a sales representative who is dedicated to you. We are available 7 days a week in case you have any additional questions or concerns. 

Once you set everything with our sales team, our professional movers will arrive to your location at the agreed time. Professional Movers Chicago start to charge for their services once the actual job starts, so we don’t have any fees to get to your location or to go back to our warehouse. Service of disassembly or reassembly with our tools will be performed. Your belongings will be carefully wrapped and padded with plastic wrap. In case you are planning to keep your items in the storage for a longer period of time, we always recommend getting an extra protection, such as blankets. In case you have anything excessively heavy, let us know, so we can bring moving dollies and the rest of the equipment needed to relocate them safely. 

Our sales experts will check with you what are the working hours of your storage unit, all that so we don’t get into the situation where we can’t access because most of the storage units are closed by 6 pm. They are also experienced to let you know what you should be aware of when it comes to moving a storage unit, so you can be prepared and so we can perform one smooth move for you.

Rates for our professional movers with a truck are budget friendly and without any hidden fees. We value honesty and that is the only way we want to run our business – by being transparent with our clients. There are no charges for long carry, handling stairs or heavy items. We actually mean it when we say no hidden charges. Moving insurance is included since we are licenced local movers. Our team is professional, experienced and trained, but accidents still might happen. That is why you will feel protected with the insurance. 

You can get your quote and book your job in just 10 minutes and we can guarantee satisfaction!