As a local moving company that operates in Chicago, we value every other business here. Our goal is to support other businesses. We want to believe that our community can become better if we all support each other. That is why your Professional Movers Chicago will offer you the best local office move. For us, it doesn’t matter if you need help with relocating a small office, large company or corporation, we can do it all. First you will notice when you give us a call is our friendly staff that is ready to go above and beyond to help you out with your commercial move. We will ask you for the inventory list, because that is the best way to determine how many movers we should send to finish your office move efficiently and safely. Email quotes will be sent to you as well, in case you need to compare the quotes or maybe to present it to the board. 

As a business, we understand that time is the most valuable asset we all have and that is why Professional Movers Chicago is here to save you time. Your business doesn’t have to be affected with your local move, we can perform a relocation for you any day a week, including Sundays. We are trying to be flexible as much as we can, that is why we can maybe perform a move before or after your working hours. We can agree on everything. 

Once your date and time is set, our team will be at your location at the agreed time. No charge will be applied for us to get to your office or to go back, time for your office move starts when we start working. Our professional, trained and experienced movers will take care of disassembly and reassembly of your items with our tools. All of your furniture will be protected with plastic wrap and moving blankets. Moving dollies will be used for anything that is excessively heavy. Professional Movers Chicago don’t charge anything on top in case there are stairs to handle, long hallways, long carry or heavy items. In case you would like us to help you with packing your smaller items, let us know in advance. 

Moving insurance is included from the start until your move is done. Our team is professional, but where it’s a human factor, there is a chance for accidents and our goal is to make you feel safe. 

At the end, we would like to say that we are proud to offer you budget friendly rates without any hidden fees. Moving a business doesn’t have to be expensive, stressful or nerve racking if you hire the best local movers in Chicago. 

Set your move today, reach out to us!