From the first moment you call us, we will make sure you feel support. Our moving specialists will guide you through your apartment moving and we will make sure that you are prepared ahead of time. Sales representatives will explain to you every step of your apartment move and after we chat about it, we will let you know what is the best number of movers to safely and efficiently. Number of movers is decided based on the move size. Price you will get from your Professional Movers Chicago is affordable and without any hidden fees. No charges to get to your apartment complex or to go back to our warehouse, we start the time for your move when the actual job starts. There won’t be charges for long carry, stairs or handling heavy items. Moving insurance is included in our rate in case something goes wrong, which is rare, but not impossible. In case you need us to provide your building with a Certificate of Insurance, let us know and we will make sure to do so. In case your building needs us to fulfill any other requirements, we are trying to be as flexible as possible for your apartment move. 

After you book your move and we agree on your date and time, our team will be there in time. All of our movers and packers are experienced and trained professionals that will make sure all of your belongings are relocated safely and securely. Service of disassembly and reassembly is included, as well as wrapping and padding your furniture with plastic wrap and moving blankets. Our truck is stocked with wardrobe boxes for all of your hanging clothes so we can save you some time on packing. In case you would like us to perform a packing service for you, just let us know ahead of time. Moving dollies will be in our truck in case you have anything that is excessively heavy to be safely handled with manpower only. 

Customer service is very valuable for Professional Movers Chicago and our mission is to show you that moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Book your local movers in 15 minutes and have a peace of mind when it gets to your upcoming relocation.